More Brits choose Prosecco over Champagne

(though many don’t know the difference)

o raise a glass to National Prosecco Day this month, experts at have delved into the bubbly-drinking habits of more than 2,780 thirsty Brits, to understand the UK’s preference of the Italian tipple over the traditional French variety.

In a poll of the Hitched community* it was revealed that more than half of Brits (55%) prefer the taste of Prosecco to that of Champagne.

It’s no surprise that cost has had an impact on this result, with 42% citing that the reason for preferring Prosecco over Champagne is that it is cheaper, however almost a third (32%) of Brits said they simply prefer the taste of Prosecco, with another 12% admitting that Prosecco is their drink of choice generally anyway.

These findings come despite online searches for “Prosecco” declining steadily over the last five years, with around 50,000 Brits researching the Italian fizz online every month in 2022, versus a whopping 135,000 searches per month in 2018. Meanwhile, Google searches for “Champagne” have remained stagnant for the last five years, with a steady interest of 50,000 searches per month.

But, it seems many Brits don’t know the difference between the two bubbly varieties, with more than 500 searches in the UK every month for the term “Prosecco vs Champagne”. To clarify for those curious, Zoe Burke, editor at spoke to wine expert Morris Carr, from Attimo Craft Winery.

Morris says: “The main noticeable difference between Prosecco and Champagne, at least for the first few sips, would be that Champagne is fizzier than Prosecco. It also has a more rich and intense taste in the mouth. Champagne is often described as having a slight taste of toasted bread.

“Andrea, the co-founder at Attimo Craft Winery, is a 3rd level Sommelier and describes Champagne as being more aromatic and drier. Prosecco on the other hand tends to be fruitier and fresher in the mouth. For the untrained (like me), it is a question of taste. Personally I prefer Prosecco due to it being easy to drink thanks to a nice balance of fruit and dryness coupled with just the right amount of fizz.”

The poll data also revealed that two thirds (66%) of Brits would prefer to serve Prosecco on their wedding day, versus only 17% who would prefer to serve Champagne,  and of those who do intend to serve Champagne on their big day, they only plan to do so for the traditional toasts during the wedding speeches (30%).

Morris adds: “Champagne is seen as a luxury product and status symbol (due to its positioning and pricing) and was, (and indeed still is), used in this respect to mark special occasions. Popping open a bottle of Champagne has therefore become synonymous with celebrating an important occasion.”

Meanwhile, despite the wedding trend of having a Champagne tower having taken TikTok by storm (more than 28million video views for the tag #ChampagneTower), only 6% of those surveyed said they would consider having a Champagne (or Prosecco) tower at their wedding, with another 9% unsure about including the social media trend on their big day. 

As a whopping 84% said they wouldn’t include a Champagne or Prosecco tower at their wedding, it seems this is because many venues require this service to be set up by a “specialist” and aren’t able to provide it as part of their package.

Last year, the average spend on catering a wedding was £4,680 – an increase of 20% on pre-pandemic spend. In this cost of living crisis, it’s no surprise nearlyweds are having to make decisions to reduce the overall cost of their big days, especially as the latest National Wedding Survey revealed that almost half (48%) of newlyweds in 2021 went over their wedding budget, and less than 1 in 10 managed to come in under budget.

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