Velvet is BACK

Here’s how to wear the trend this festive season…

Whether it’s Kris Jenner, Tess Daley, Love Island’s Gemma Owen or comedian Munya Chawawa, velvet outfits are on the rise again, and as Google searches for ‘velvet blazer’ continue to increase (+58% in the last month), it’s clear that velvet is back on trend just in time for the party season.

As we approach the festive months, the fashion experts at Matalan have shared some top tips on how to take inspiration from your favourite celebs and incorporate the season’s hottest trend into your party outfit.

  1. A classic black velvet dress

As Kris Jenner, Tess Daley and Gemma Owen have recently shown, a black velvet dress is truly timeless. When done right, it can look great on anyone, for any occasion. Whether it features lace details, like everyone’s favourite Momager’s recent birthday outfit, a midi style like the Strictly host or a flattering mini with shoulder pads like the Love Island star, there are so many ways to style a velvet dress. 

  1. Minimalistic accessories

If you’ve opted for a velvet dress, you don’t want to overwhelm the outfit and have too much going on. A velvet piece is a head-turner in itself, so keep accessories to a minimum and if you do want to incorporate jewellery, dainty pieces in a colour that compliments the velvet would work best. 

  1. Add a little texture with a velvet blazer

Image credit: Men’s suits at Matalan: Taylor & Wright Mill Navy Slim Fit Blazer

Not only does velvet make for the perfect statement dress or skirt, it also works when it comes to men’s suits. The festive season is the perfect time to opt for a flashy velvet blazer, adding something a little extra to your party outfit. 

Black, blue, green and maroon velvet blazers all work well, paired with either a white shirt and bow tie, or a black turtleneck, depending on the occasion. 

Image credit: Munya Chawawa Instagram

There are also some head-turning women’s blazers coming onto the scene, with the £32  Et Vous pink velvet blazer at Matalan making recent headlines. Pairing a brightly coloured velvet blazer with a more toned down outfit, such as jeans and a white tee, creates the perfect balance between chic and casual.

Image: Matalan on Instagram

  1. Keep velvet as the statement piece

The key to making velvet look timeless is to keep it as the statement piece in any outfit, so if you’re wearing a velvet skirt, opt for a more toned down top. With a velvet blazer, be sure to wear black trousers that compliment the piece. 

Pairing more than one velvet piece in an outfit can become overwhelming, especially if the two pieces are contrasting colours. Keep it simple, and stick to a colour palette that works well together and you’ll be sure to be seen as the trend-setter of the group!

The fashion experts from Matalan said: “The velvet trend is hugely popular during the party season, and when it’s done right it can look uber classy and timeless. We’re starting to see more and more celebs incorporating velvet into their outfits now, and it’s likely that this will continue through the festive period. Whether it’s a 67 year-old celebrating their birthday, or a 20-something attending a Christmas party, the trend works for any person of any age and really makes a statement!”

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