How to make a pampas Christmas Tree with Ginger Ray UK

Looking for some Christmas Tree inspo this year? Check out our editor, Rachel Ducker, creating a modern nordic style Christmas Tree.

She used pampas and white and gold Christmas decorations lit with warm white fairy lights to create something a little different!


1. Plan out which decorations you want to incorporate into your pampas tree. A scandi-neutral theme works really well with pampas. Wooden textures combined with neutral tones and pops of white and metallic baubles look great when paired with the green tree.

2. If using Christmas lights, make sure you put these on your tree first. A warm white colour will contrast with pampas grass best.

3. Next, you’ll want to add in your pampas before any more decorations. Assess how many pampas stems you have in relation to the size of your tree as you want to have the spacing perfect and plan out your design with the other Christmas decorations before we add it in. I have gone for a subtle look with about 25 stems.

4. Once you have decided how much you want to add in it’s time to get trimming! Ideally, you want your pampas to overhang the branches slightly, to add some volume without looking too long. You can just use scissors to trim the length.

5. Now it is time to position your pampas in the tree. For the bottom two-thirds of the tree, just lay the pampas on top of branches and secure with floristry wire, string or a cable tie. For the top of the tree, you might want to position the pampas pointing upwards for a dramatic look. Make sure these are tied to the branches securely.

6. All that is left to do now is continue to decorate the rest of your tree by adding in your baubles and other festive touches to tie the look together.




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