Why Everyone Has A Unique ‘Scent Print’

Your olfactory aroma is unique to you, there are several reasons why we think that this might be the case. Iember GordonHead of Marketing at The Fragrance Shop explains…

Skin Types

“Oily skins hold fragrance differently to dry skin types. Skin oils seem to enhance notes and boost lighter notes, whilst sweet notes can almost turn sugary. Fresh citrus notes on oilier skin types really pop and are long-lasting. Heavy fragrance notes such as our are beautiful on dry skin types, deep base notes sit without becoming overbearing.”

PH Leve

“Your PH level and body chemistry can affect the way your perfume smells on you in comparison to another person. Your PH level can be affected by what you use when showering and even the warmth of your skin can make a scent deeper,”


“Where you wear your perfume can play a part on the olfactory aroma and how your perfume smells to other people.”

Other Factors

“A few other factors that may surprise you are stress levels, hormones, medication, and diet. Strong foods can often be smelled on your skin and therefore can adjust the aroma.”

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