Step aside sewing kits, tampons are in town…


It’s that time of the month – and maybe you’re not as prepared as you’d have hoped. Now imagine a hotel stay without the panic of realising you’ve run out of tampons, the hushed conversations at reception, rushed phone calls to the front desk, or snatching a cobbled together collection of pads though a crack in your door while avoiding eye contact with the team member waiting awkwardly outside…

Cue a hotel stay where period care products are as commonplace as toilet paper, where you don’t have to worry about being caught short because all life’s essentials are within easy reach of the toilet, alleviating any need to panic.

Malmaison and Hotel du Vin, along with sister Frasers Hospitality UK brands, Fraser Suites and Fraser Place have made checking in when you’re on a breeze by partnering with Freda to support guests and staff caught out by their period.

Complimentary Freda kits containing free-to-use sustainable period care products will be on show and accessible for any guest or team member to use – meaning life’s real essentials are within arm’s reach when needed the most.  

Malmaison, Hotel du Vin and Frasers Hospitality will be the first nationwide accommodation providers to offer such an amenity in-room without having to ask for it, working to tackle stigmas around menstruation and break down barriers to accessing essential products, one bathroom at a time.

Tracy Gent, Group Director of Sales & Marketing for Malmaison and Hotel du Vin says: “No one should have to feel shame around starting their period while staying away from home. Offering essentials like period products to guests is not a luxury, but a standard we feel strongly about.”

Guus Bakker, CEO EMEA at Frasers Hospitality says: “We hope that this commitment will set a precedent that will make other hotels and hospitality brands listen up and think about reviewing their own amenity offer to better support their menstruating staff and guests.”

Freda’s founder Afsaneh Parvizi-Wayne adds: “Freda’s recent research showed that 100% of respondents want to see period products made a standard hotel amenity so we are proud to make this partnership a reality. We want to ensure that no one suffers anxiety, shame or embarrassment around menstruating while staying with Malmaison, Hotel du Vin, and Frasers Hospitality properties. We’re proud to partner with brands that are not only supporting our ethos, but in doing so, are helping guests make a sustainable choice too.”

The Freda brand is dedicated to normalising periods, combating period poverty, and championing period inclusivity in a sustainable and responsible manner.

Freda’s period care products are responsibly made in eco-certified facilities in Sweden using 100% renewable energy with zero waste sent to landfill. Freda also donates a portion of its profits to initiatives dedicated to ending period poverty.