Bond Builder Lipid Shield

Clinically proven to repair the lipid layer on damaged hair, to levels seen on virgin hair (hair that has never been colour-treated or chemically processed) after just one use*

On 1st September 2022, Trichological hair care brand Philip Kingsley are set to expand their results-driven, bond repairing range Bond Builder, with the launch of Bond Builder Lipid Shield, an incredibly lightweight treatment oil. 

Developed to replenish lipids lost on the surface of the cuticle — through heat-styling and chemical processing — Bond Builder Lipid Shield is formulated to restore the epicuticle (or lipid layer), the hair’s first line of defence. 


Hair has an epicuticle, which is a complex, outermost layer comprised of lipids and essential oils that coat every strand, acting as a protective ‘glue’ between cuticle scales to form the hair’s natural defence system. The role of the epicuticle is to shield the cuticle against damage and protect bonds inside the cortex. However over time, heat styling, UV exposure and chemical processing can all degrade and chip away at this protective layer, leaving hair vulnerable to damage, dryness and breakage. Bond Builder Lipid Shield is inspired by this natural lipid layer and is powered by advanced biomimetic technology that restores, strengthens and replaces lost lipids. It leaves hair stronger, shinier and more resistant against everyday damage. 


As well as protecting against damage, the lipid layer also plays a vital role in the health of hair by providing it with hydrophobicity (water-repelling properties). This is down to the presence of the fatty acid 18-MEA, which helps to prevent the absorption of excessive levels of moisture. Healthy hair is naturally hydrophobic, which means it repels water, making it easier to style and manage. Hydrophobicity is important because it minimises the movement of water in and out of the cortex, maintaining hair’s natural hydration balance and flexibility. Yet the more damaged hair becomes, the more 18-MEA is lost, and when hair is lacking 18-MEA, strands become increasingly hydrophilic (meaning they absorb too much water from the elements) leading to damage, tangles and frizz.


Bond Builder Lipid Shield leaves strands supple, stronger and shinier, plus more resilient and protected against damage, ensuring styling no longer compromises the health of the hair. 

Suitable for all hair textures and lengths, the versatile, fast absorbing formula can be used as a leave-in treatment, an overnight hair oil, or even as an intense boost beneath a pre-shampoo treatment (like Philip Kingsley’s Elasticizer Deep-Conditioning Treatment or Bond Builder Restructuring Treatment). 

Bond Builder Lipid Shield will be available to shop via from 1st September 2022 


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