Experts Reveal Time-Saving Hacks for Life with a Baby

Once your baby arrives, you are likely filled with a huge range of emotions, and these can come hand in hand with sleepless nights leading to a lack of physical and mental energy. At this stage, it’s important to be considerate with your time so you have plenty left for recuperation and bonding time with your little one.

Experts from baby and nursery retailers Kiddies Kingdom have shared seven ways to help parents save precious time whilst navigating life with a baby.

Stress-Free Formula Making

Create a space dedicated to formula feeding and have all your essentials organised and in one place.

You could also consider investing in a formula bottle maker, which prepares the formula at the perfect temperature with just a click of a button. Having a bottle steriliser can also be handy, as they help to eliminate bacteria, odours and calcium build up whilst drying the bottle, ready for the next feed.

Kirsty Caroll, Showroom Manager at Kiddies Kingdom comments “there is absolutely nothing wrong with a helping hand in any shape or form. Investing in products that are designed to save time will ultimately make your life easier and leave more time for yourself and your little one.”

Pre-pump and Freeze Breast Milk

For those who breast feed or express breast milk, freezing or storing it in the fridge can be one of the best ways to save time when it comes to feeding your little one. Double breast pumps are great for this, where you can produce more than you need right now and save the rest for later. 

You can store breast milk in the fridge for up to eight days, providing your fridge is 4°C or lower, or up to six months in a freezer if it’s 18°C or lower. If you opt for freezing, you can defrost this in the fridge, or by submerging the bag in some warm water.

Layer-up The Cot

When putting bedding on your baby’s cot, add a couple of layers of cotton sheets and waterproof layers in between. This way, if there are any accidents during the night, you can easily strip back the layers to reveal fresh, clean bedding without having to hunt for some in the night.

Do make sure to change any bedding which is soiled however, to ensure your baby is both comfortable and in a healthy environment.

Be Prepared for Travel

Travelling with a baby means preparation. Along with all your daily essentials such as nappies, bottles and spare clothes, you’ll need to make sure you have suitable car seats for your baby, which can vary dependent on their age. 

Kirsty adds, “car seats historically have been fiddly and sometimes difficult to get into place, so make sure you get plenty of practice before you intend to travel. ISOFIX car seat bases are also a brilliant addition, you can fit this to your car, and simply click the seat in and go!”

Pre-Pack Changing Bags

Always keep a changing bag ready to go and pre-pack it with a changing mat, wipes, three to four nappies and a change of baby clothes. Don’t forget to pack plastic bags for any dirty nappies or stained clothes.

Having the bag pre-prepared will mean you’ll be good to go when you need it!

Plan Meals Ahead of Time

Homemade baby food is great for money saving and keeps you in complete control of your baby’s nutrition, however, it can be time-consuming. A great way to reduce time spent each day, is to cook and freeze the food in batches. Deep ice cube trays allow pureed food to slot perfectly in and help with controlling consistent portion size.

Kirsty comments “don’t get caught up in thinking you need to be making months’ worth of food in advance, only so much will fit in your freezer. A couple of weeks’ worth of food will still help to reduce time spent prepping meals each day. Also, don’t forget to clearly date and label any food that goes into the freezer and consume within three months.”

Easy to Reach Bibs

Bibs are often a must have, especially for little ones where food ends up everywhere! To make sure there is always one nearby your highchair ready for feeding time, attach a hook to the back of your baby’s highchair offering the perfect spot to hang spare bibs.