Eight alternative baby shower ideas that are actually helpful

If you’re planning a baby shower and finding the process a little overwhelming you are not alone! In the UK over 8700 people search for ‘baby shower ideas’ each month. 

If you’re planning a baby shower for a practical parent, someone looking for more of a low-key sprinkle or you’re just looking for something a little different to the traditional celebration then read on.

Jess Martin, party decoration expert at Ginger Ray has shared 8 alternative baby shower ideas far from the nappy games and present unwrapping we’re all used to.

1. Nursery painting party

Jess said: “Getting the nursery ready for baby to arrive is a big task and one that can easily be put off until the last minute. However, this is a great opportunity to get your friends and family involved by throwing a painting party- the perfect alternative to a baby shower for a practical parent.

“Pick the paint colour out in advance and ask your guests to arrive with paintbrushes at the ready and in clothes they don’t mind getting messy. Crank up the playlist and you’ll have a freshly painted nursery in no time. You can guarantee that your friends will love being able to help out where they can. If you’re lucky enough to have artistic friends, why not create a mural? 

2. Flatpack furniture assembly

“Many an argument has been caused by a missing piece when building flatpack furniture but combine this with the time pressure of a baby arriving and you’ll find that this is another task that all parents dread. This is the perfect opportunity to ask your nearest and dearest to come and help- after all a problem shared is a problem halved and you might even find yourself having fun.

“Remember to reward your guests for their help in building the cot or changing table with some yummy snacks and refreshments.

3. Batch cooking session

“Chances are that when the baby arrives you won’t have much time to cook for yourself. If you’re lucky enough to have some accomplished cooks amongst your friends and family, invite them over for a batch cooking session.

“Not only can you fill the freezer with enough meals to keep you going, but you can also make an occasion of it and sit down to enjoy dinner together. It is the perfect combination of a dinner party and a freezer refill. Now you just need to stock up on some storage containers.

4. Mama movie marathon

“For those who’d just relish the chance to enjoy the peace and quiet, put their feet up and have a cheeky snooze in front of the TV then a movie marathon is the baby shower alternative to go for. It’s a great relaxing option for those who just want to spend some quality time with nearest and dearest.

“Create or buy a movie night box containing everything you need for the perfect night in – including a popcorn box, customisable movie tickets, grazing board, and movie decider card with dice! Now you just need to decide on a film to watch.

5. Hospital bag packing

“Another task that expecting parents might be putting off is packing their hospital bag. Lean on the experience of your friends and family and invite them round to help. They’ll be guaranteed to remember something you’ve forgotten or let you know when you might be overpacking. 

“For a fun twist you could incorporate some games into the packing process like spot the difference or guess the baby items in the bag.  

6. Pamper party

“Being pregnant can take its toll so treat the mama to be to an at-home pamper session. Whether you get a beauty therapist in to do some massages or manicures in the comfort of your own home or you opt for a DIY version, this will be a relaxing baby shower that the mother-to-be and all your guests will love! 

“Whilst this is a low-key baby shower option, you can still deck out your living room with some baby shower party decorations- it’ll look fab.

7. Pregnancy photoshoot

“Celebrate the parents-to-be with a DIY photoshoot and capture some memories that they’ll treasure forever. All you’ll need to do to prepare is to create a suitable backdrop, try a flower wallballoon arch, or even a ribbon curtain. You could even combine this with a gender reveal moment!

“A smartphone will be just fine to take some snaps but a disposable camera or polaroid will allow you to create some hard copies to pop into a photo album. Making a pregnancy photoshoot an alternative to a baby shower will also give you the option to get some photos with those people who are going to be important to the baby before they are born- a perfect keepsake.

8. Baby book swap

“Baby showers often centre around gift giving however for those parents-to-be who would prefer a more sustainable or low-cost option, a book swap is a great low-key alternative.

“Ask guests to bring a pre-loved baby book favourite and encourage your guests to share and swap their reads. Not only will every parent benefit from some fresh bedtime stories for their kids but it is a great way to avoid unnecessary to extravagant gift giving. This idea is perfect for a group where multiple people are having babies at a similar time.”

For more baby shower inspiration head to: https://www.gingerray.co.uk/baby/baby-shower 

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