These are the biggest interior trends for 2023

As the new year approaches, we’re taking a look at what 2023 has in store for interior design. To help you refresh your home for a brand-new year, ceramics and homeware specialists Denby share the biggest interior trends we can expect to see in the new season and beyond. From evolving 2022 designs to brand-new trends, find out how we’ll be decorating our homes.

Bright and bold

While minimalism has dominated the interior design sphere for the last few years, 2023 will see colour and pattern take centre stage, drawing inspiration from returning noughties trends. ‘Dopamine decorating’, as it’s often called, has been creeping in throughout 2022 as we transform our spaces into uplifting and inspiring hubs.

Mood-boosting interior décor isn’t anything new — after all, the minimalism trend was rooted in mindfulness and relaxation. However, going into 2023 and beyond, we’re turning to bright colours and bold patterns in every aspect of our home.

Whatever homeware you feel drawn to is perfect for dopamine decorating. Bold cushions and blankets, bright and uplifting table settings, eye-catching wallpaper, and some inspiring wall art can bring some much-needed joy to your space. Mixing colours is key to this look so don’t be afraid to experiment and choose colours and patterns that bring you happiness.

Homely heritage

If you’ve been keeping an eye on interior trends for the past year or two, you’ll know that the vintage look has been incredibly popular. Going into 2023, interior decorators are embracing retro designs, with reclaimed, upcycled, and heritage-style homewares taking the spotlight alongside modern pieces. Think of this trend as an offshoot of the ‘coastal grandmother’ trend, which has people turning to the cosy and familiar in their clothing and homeware.

Heritage tiles are a big symbol of this trend, whether that’s kitchen tiles, bathroom tiles, or some stylish flooring throughout the home. You can also get this look by combining key retro-style pieces such as patterned cushions, artwork, rugs, and ceramics reminiscent of the 1950s with the rest of your décor. Upcycled wooden furniture and rattan pieces will be another major feature of the heritage trend, so keep an eye out for pieces to thrift or invest in high-quality handmade furniture made locally.

The Dulux Colour of the Year 2023, Wild Wonder, works incredibly well for this look. This neutral hue has a slight golden undertone which makes it the perfect pairing with heritage styles. Combine it with other pastel hues or mix it with warm and toasty browns and a deep heritage blue for a comforting space.

Mediterranean luxe

If you’re dreaming of a life on the coast of Italy, Spain, or Greece, you’re not the only one. Also coming out of the heritage tile boom is Mediterranean luxe, a trend that invites all the sunshine and joy of the Mediterranean coast into your home. Beach houses will be a key inspiration for this trend, with whitewashed walls adding some brightness and organic textures creating depth and interest.

The colour palette will be rich, earthy tones like terracotta and ochre, as well as sea-inspired hues such as turquoise and royal blue. Pair the coastal palette with deep wooden pieces, rustic tiles, and plenty of greenery to get that holiday feeling right at home.

Ceramics are a key feature of Mediterranean style. A well-dressed yet relaxed table can bring the effortless beauty of Southern Europe into your dining room or al fresco space. A cotton tablecloth can add instant rustic style to your table setting, along with ceramic jugs of water and juice and some stylish wine glasses.

Relaxed and rustic

Sustainable interiors have been around for a while now and going into 2023 we’re going to see more rustic and honest pieces in our homes. Handcrafted items are a major focus of this trend. Designers are opting for well-made homewares that are created to stay in the home for years to come. In fact, 38% of consumers said that they have paid more money for durable and long-lasting products in an effort to be more sustainable (Deloitte).

Expect to see more wood and stone in the new year, particularly light-coloured varieties, along with interior design newcomers cork and aluminium. These materials are durable, versatile, and stylish so lend themselves nicely to the sustainability movement.

We’ll be using more functional pieces as their own statement décor as well. Items like wooden cutting boards and kitchenware will be on full display. Handmade ceramics with organic textures, patterns, and shapes will also be a major highlight of the rustic trend, along with pieces that showcase a unique identity in an offshoot labelled ‘flawsome design’.

Caffeinated spaces

As our homes have become more multifunctional, we’re getting a little bit more creative with how we use the space. While coffee machines and kettles were once a staple of the kitchen, they’re making their way into other areas of our homes, from our home offices to our bedrooms. As a result, hot drink stations are becoming a statement piece. Coffee beans and tea leaves or tea bags will be stored in clear jars and coffee cups will get an upgrade to more beautiful and luxurious versions. 

These areas also don’t have to take up much space. A small tray on your desk, a sideboard, or a table will be plenty of room to store a cup or two, plus a kettle or coffee machine.

“Every year our interior design trends are inspired by the way we live. This year, we’re looking for more joy in our spaces, with bright and bold patterns and décor reminiscent of our favourite memories or holiday spots.

“Of course, sustainability will be another key driving force behind 2023’s interior trends. People will be streamlining their collections to just a few key versatile pieces that are built to last.”

  • Richard Eaton, Design Director at Denby