The top kitchen Christmas decor trends of 2022

Kitchen christmas decor ideas are easily overlooked – but as the engine room and heart of the festivities for many, the kitchen should feel as merry as every other room in the house. 

With Christmas just around the corner, Magnet reveals the top festive kitchen decor trends of 2022 and Jen Nash, Design Excellence Manager, shares how to integrate them into your home.

From foliage and crockery to recycling and repurposing household products you already have, here are the need-to-know trends for turning your kitchen – and even your appliances – into festive masterpieces this Christmas. 

Jen comments, ‘’From dinner prep and festive drinks to gift giving and mingling, the kitchen no longer serves as simply the space to prepare food for Christmas day. It’s the heart and soul of the home where memories are made – and sprucing it up with festive decor can make those moments all the more special.’’ 

  1. Indoor Christmas wreaths

Images: Magnet / Lauren M Mills

Whilst Christmas wreaths are traditionally hung on front doors, a popular trend this year is placing them in carefully chosen positions around the home and more specifically, in the kitchen. 

Jen Nash says, ‘’Wreaths take up little space in the kitchen and are a simple way to inject an instant dose of Christmas cheer to your space. From both a design and function perspective, the most popular and effective areas to place them are in windows, on cabinet doors, or on wall units above the hob or oven. 

“Wreaths don’t always have to be hung, either. Simply laying them against a wall or under kitchen cabinets will have the same effect. Or place one on the dining table with a glass candle holder in the middle to create a circular centrepiece. However, it’s important you make sure that wherever you place your wreath, it is safe and not at risk from setting alight.”

  1. Kitchen island centrepieces 


mage homebykmb / Life on summerhill 

‘’A festive centrepiece has always been a fail-safe way to make a statement on your dining room table for Christmas. But as kitchen islands continue to rise in popularity and become the social spot that people gather around throughout the day, a popular trend this year is an island centrepiece. 

“Spruce up the countertop space with an assortment of Christmas ornaments and foliage on a mirrored tray, or fill a tiered tray with festive objects such as pine cones, candles and ivy. Using a tray as the base for your centrepiece in the kitchen means it can easily be moved to the side if you are in need of the counterspace.’’ 

  1. Christmas scene and sweet jars 

Images: Ella Claire Inspired / Home by Heidi

Jar displays have been a huge trend in the kitchen this year, and Christmas is the ideal time to utilise the trend as seasonal decor. Jen Nash says, ‘’Using jars you already have around the home, glass jar displays are not only versatile, but are a sustainable and inexpensive option when it comes to creating unique Christmas decor. 

From candy canes to mince pies, you can fill them with colourful festive treats to act as decorative storage. Or, you can create your own piece of winter artwork to display in your kitchen. First add a layer of white sugar to the base of the jar to replicate snow. 

“Then fill your jar with edible objects such as miniature gingerbread men and chocolates. Alternatively, you can use small ornaments such as baubles and fairy lights. Finish off the look by adding red ribbon to the handle of the jars and dot them around the kitchen.

“These are especially handy if you have young children or pets as it’s a safer way to display smaller ornaments which could be a choking hazard.’’

  1. Modern & minimalist tones 

Image Magnet

Whilst bright reds and golds have long been the traditional colour palette for Christmas decor, more of us are opting for muted and neutral colours that tie into our existing decor as minimalism remains a leading interior trend.

The hashtag #minimalchristmas has over 1.4 million views on TikTok and Magnet reports that Google searches for ‘minimal christmas decor’ have increased by a staggering 707% over the past month. 

Jen Nash says, ‘’This minimalist Christmas decor trend can actually be very successful in the kitchen, as it prevents overwhelming an already busy and crowded space with loud colours. However, when opting for this look, it’s important to mix soft and hard textures to ensure that your Christmas decorations stand out against the existing decor and don’t fade into the background. 

“From glass and metals, to ceramics, jute, rope and foliage, combine and layer different materials to add depth and textural interest to the space. Metallic candle holders teamed with all white candles are a prime example of how you can experiment with texture. You can then subtly introduce more traditional Christmas colours with little accents and design details such as red ribbons and green ornaments.’’

  1. Care culture entertaining with unique touches 

‘’An emerging trend we are seeing this year, and particularly around the Christmas period, is the concept of care culture entertaining which is all about less show and more soul. We are seeing a shift in focus from a perfectly set table to a party that embraces comfort and imperfection. Meals, table settings and dinnerware should have character, including marks of the hand and uncomplicated plating.

From festive tea towels and crockery, to personalised ornaments and signs, showcase meaningful, personal and vintage items to create warmth and personal flair in your space. Display these trinkets on open shelving, behind glass cabinet doors, hanging from the ceiling or on countertop corners to make the eye wonder around the room and create a festive ambience that is unique to you.’’ 

  1. Festive chair decorations 

Images: Home Bunch / Home Stories A to Z

‘’For those who have chairs or stools in their kitchen, adding simple decorations to the back of them is a popular Christmas decor trend for those looking to create a fun yet sophisticated look. From foliage, ribbons, or miniature wreaths, there are a range of things you can choose from to decorate your chairs. For a balanced and cohesive look however, it is best to use the same piece of decoration on all the chairs.’’ 

  1. Foliage garlands around kitchen windows 

Images: The Blushing Bungalow / ​​Nesting with Grace

As the concept of bringing the outside in continues to be a top trend for interiors, foliage garlands around kitchen windows are set to be everywhere this winter.

Jen Nash says, ‘’Be it faux, or real greenery, adding foliage to the frame of your windows creates a cosy aesthetic that can be further elevated by the addition of fairy lights, pine cones, berries, eucalyptus and much more. If you do not have any suitable windows to work with, you can attach garlands to the top of wall cabinets or doorways for a similar effect.’’ 

  1. Top it off with a tree 

As the kitchen continues to evolve to be the social hub of the home and a point of congregation for many people on Christmas day, a growing trend is people putting Christmas trees in the kitchen. Whilst they have more traditionally taken residence in living or dining rooms, Magnet reports that Google search demand for ‘Kitchen Christmas trees’ have skyrocketed by 158% over the past month. 

Jen Nash says, ‘’A Christmas tree is the hero of festive decor, and placing it in your kitchen where people tend to gather, can crown the space as the centre of the celebrations. Decorate the tree with colours that tie into your existing decor and add touches of red and green with ribbons and ornaments to add real festive charm. If you don’t have space in your kitchen for a Christmas tree, there are plenty of mini trees that can sit on countertops, tables and on open shelving.’’ 

I hope this is of interest! You can find more about Christmas Kitchen Decor Trends from Magnet here. 

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