Travel Experts Reveal Top Tips For Minimising The Chances Of Losing Your Christmas Presents In Your Luggage

As the hectic Christmas travel season approaches, the chances of lost luggage increases. Lost luggage can be frustrating for anyone, but when you’ve got Christmas presents packed, it could ruin your Christmas! 

Concerns for lost luggage are also clearly rising, with “British Airways lost luggage’ having a 90% increase in searches and ” Emirates lost luggage” having a 170% increase in the last week

The Bucket List Company have put together 8 top tips that can help minimize the chances of your precious luggage going missing and advice on preparing for the worst so it does not ultimately impact Christmas.

  1. Put a GPS tracker inside your luggage to ensure you can always track the location of your luggage; this way, if the worst-case scenario does happen, you will always be able to see where your luggage is and therefore should get it back sooner.   
  1. Always remove old tags from your luggage. This will ensure the wrong tag is not scanned, instantly reducing the chance of your belongings getting lost.   
  1. Put your information inside your luggage, including your home address, where you’re going/staying and how long, personal number etc. Doing these steps will make it a lot easier for your luggage to be returned if lost.   
  1. Have luggage that stands out, whether it be a distinctive coloured suitcase or a small bright piece of ribbon around the straps, so your bag is easy to identify if needed.   
  1. Try to check in as early as possible to reduce the risk of your bag being lost in the rush of late passengers’ bags being taken to their planes.   
  1. If you are bringing multiple bags, make sure to split up your essential items equally between bags, as the chances of losing all your luggage are much smaller.   
  1. If your bag is lost, check with the airline what compensation they will pay you to know how much you will have to spend on replacing your luggage.   
  1. ALWAYS carry valuables and important presents as hand luggage, including money, phone, and ID, as you will need these if your luggage goes missing.   

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