5 telltale signs your partner will propose to you this Christmas… or right now!

  1. Your jewellery box has been reorganised

If you find your jewellery box out of place, or if your partner or best friend begins to become inquisitive about the size of your finger or your style preference, you can bet that your partner is having a snoop around your current collection and is thinking about taking things to the next step.

If you’re reading this and looking to figure out your partner’s engagement ring size before you pop the question, Austen and Blake have curated the ultimate guide to ensure your ring is the perfect fit here.

  1. Your partner is talking about future commitments

If you see someone in your life for the foreseeable future, you’ll have a lot of questions, which is natural when you think you’ve found the one. Children, marriage, dreams, and discussing living arrangements are all telltale signs that your partner is seriously considering settling down.

“It really depends on circumstances, but a good rule of thumb is that you’d want to address the big questions when you have a good sense that things are getting more serious for both of you,” Mairead says. “Being honest and forthright with one another is essential for a healthy and growing relationship; discuss money, sex, and family expectations.” If your partner is putting everything on the table and getting to know the nitty-gritty of what you want and expect, you and your partner will have a better idea of where you are in your relationship, as the important thing is that you and your partner are on the same page about your future together.”

“In any relationship, talking about the future with your partner is essential,” Charlene emphasises. “While you don’t need to discuss the number of children you want on the first date, it is critical that you establish whether or not you share similar goals and values – so that you can do everything you can to avoid any dealbreakers surfacing later down the line.”

  1. You notice a general shift in their attitude

Let’s be honest, proposing to someone can be a nerve-racking moment in anyone’s life because it has the potential to change everything forever, so it’s natural to feel that way. If your partner exhibits a general shift in attitude, such as speaking words of affirmation far more frequently or showing signs of nervousness, such as turning red, this could be all part of gathering the courage to ensure everything is perfect for such an anticipated moment.

“A classic tell-tale sign that your partner is about to propose is if they appear more distracted than usual.” You know them best, so I’d say trust your instincts when it comes to detecting differences in their behaviour!” Charlene expressed.

“If your partner starts talking about the future more frequently, it could be a sign that they are thinking about proposing.” They might talk about your married friends or other people’s weddings. If you enjoy getting your nails done, your partner might ask you subtly when you’re going to the nail salon next.”

“Whilst there are no rules when it comes to proposing, all of the above could definitely be a sign. At the end of the day, the gut feeling comes from you and you only. So, there may be no actual physical signs if your partner might be someone who keeps their cool. I would therefore recommend following your gut and trusting yourself if you’re anticipating a big announcement.”

  1. It’s close to a special day that you and your loved one cherish

Whether it’s Christmas, Valentine’s Day, or any key anniversaries that are significant to you and your loved one, if one of these dates is approaching and your partner has left the day as a surprise treat, you may want to start heading to the nail salon as your partner might be looking to make that day more of a reason to celebrate with a proposal.

“The most popular time period to propose is between December 22nd and New Year’s Day, followed by February 14th (Valentine’s Day),” Mairead explains. “Proposing on a special occasion enhances the element of surprise since the bride-to-be won’t think twice about secretive plans, giving the groom more leniency to coordinate a surprise proposal.” 

“Proposing on a meaningful date to you as a couple can indicate to your partner that you’ve put a lot of thought and care into the proposal”, Charlene says. 

“It is a sign that you have thought about it clearly and carefully, and timed it so that it coincides with a date that is important to you as partners. It is also a nice idea to propose on a key date because it keeps your anniversaries consistent! That way you won’t be unsure of when to celebrate throughout the year.”

  1. Your partner has cut down on spending habits

As we all well know, weddings are not cheap (especially not at Christmas), and if you and your partner are usually the types to go out, shop, and explore, but have recently expressed a desire to spend more time together indoors and have become more frugal when it comes to everyday indulgences, they could be saving up for something big.

Psst, if your partner appears to be studying their phone more than usual during your downtime, don’t worry; they’re probably hiding a couple of things, such as notifications for some major purchases or thousands of tabs full of ideas and plans that your partner is trying to organise.

So, if all of these signs sound familiar, be patient—a big surprise is likely on the way when you least expect it!

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