Interior design experts give their tips for a cost-effective AND stylish Christmas decor 

With just over a month left until Christmas, people are wanting to give their homes that much loved festive feeling without breaking the bank. Interior design experts are offering their top tips on how to have your own Winter Wonderland on a budget. 

Sophie Hill, Marketing, Insight & Innovation at Rothley shares her top decorating tips on how to get the Christmas home of your dreams without having to go overboard. 

  1. Maximise small spaces 

If you’re working with a smaller space in your home or even a studio flat- don’t worry less can be more! 

Small spaces are an opportunity to get creative, utilise what you already have in place in your home all year round. If you have a utensil rail in your kitchen, baubles that match the ones on your Christmas tree can be hung off it or add some sparkle by wrapping Christmas Ribbon around the rail. Vertical decor is a great space saving solution, use temporary peel and stick hooks to hang decorations and lights on your walls to create an all round Winter Wonderland without leaving any marks or damage behind- festive and renter friendly! 

The tree is an essential part of Christmas but that doesn’t mean it has to take up your entire living space. Mini trees propped up in high spaces around your home such as on top of your fridge or a bookshelf give that festive feel while saving space. 

  1. Don’t buy, DIY! 

For some delightful decorations on a budget, something as simple as gathering some pine cones and spray painting them in gold or silver or adding some fake snow to them can make an amazing table arrangement or tree ornament. 

DIY decorations give you the chance to get the family together for some festive fun in the lead up to Christmas and are cost effective – so it’s a win win! 

Making something yourself not only costs a fraction of the price of shop-bought decorations but it also gives you a unique feature that is completely customisable to your own colour scheme and pre-existing interior decor. Try putting lots of baubles in a glass jar for a table centrepiece, or on your mantelpiece – this works especially well with glass balls if various lights are spread throughout the room too. 

  1. Save money and energy with battery operated lights 

Lighting up Winter Wonderland doesn’t come cheap with the hike in energy prices – but that shouldn’t stop you from getting your Christmas glow on. 

Battery operated lights are a great way to save money on your electric bill and they allow you more freedom in where you place lights around your home as you’re not restricted to where your electrical sockets are. This also means that there’s no need to buy extension leads for all the additional plugs you’d need over the festive period. 

Once Christmas has come and gone and it’s time to pack up the decorations, the batteries can be removed and stored for next year or used in other battery operated appliances around the home so they don’t go to waste! 

  1. Utilise your shelves 

Shelves are a great opportunity to display festive nick nacks and ornaments, they’re high up so they catch the eye but don’t take up any additional space. 

Remove your regular decor or books from the shelves and safely pack them away until Christmas is over, add a decorated garland across the shelf- this is a great hack especially if you don’t have a fireplace to hang one over! 

Stockings can also be hung from shelves in lieu of a fireplace, stack Christmas ornaments or your mini tree above the stockings on the shelf to create an eyecatching festive feature in your home.  

  1. Curate matching decor 

Fairy lights are a cost effective way to bring some warm winter vibes to your home, thanks to their versatility they can be used almost anywhere. 

Buy multiple packs of the same lights to be used on your tree and around other rooms and spaces in your home to create a continual style throughout the house that elegantly pulls it all together. Try wrapping them around the bannister of your stairs, draping them around your windows or securing them to your door frames. 

You can also pop some of the lights into glass jars that can be placed on tables and shelves to create beautiful light features around your home- and it’s an environmentally friendly use for old jars! 

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