The 5 Crystals You Need in Your Life to Achieve Your Wildest Dreams

You can have everything you’ve ever wanted in life.

That’s the promise of manifestation. Whether you’re looking to improve your love life, attract success, or achieve more in your day-to-day life, there’s a manifestation for that. According to Inbaal Honigman, celebrity psychic and astrologer, “Manifesting is a whole lifestyle, not a single action, and is divided into all the different things we’d like to manifest.”

You can make your manifestations more powerful by introducing your collection of crystals into them. Here, with Inbaal, we uncover the crystals you need to manifest your wildest dreams – whatever they are.

Rose quartz for the love of your life

Given the romantic nature of the rose, it’s no surprise that rose quartz can help you to meet the partner of your dreams. This beautiful, dusky-pink stone should be worn in a heart shape – how fitting? – on a pendant so that the loving energy of this stone aligns with your heart chakra. 

Placing a rose quartz stone under your bed can help you to attract new love, so it’s a great option if you’ve been fruitlessly scouring dating apps but coming up short in your quest for the one. Already in a relationship? This powerful crystal can help strengthen your bond with your partner. Thanks to its healing properties, it can mend any rough patches in your relationship and deepen your feelings of love for one another.

But as we all know, a romantic relationship isn’t completely necessary for a happy life. If you’re happily single, use this crystal to increase your feelings of self-love – something we could all use a little more of in our lives. To increase your feelings of self-acceptance, lie down on a flat surface, eyes closed, and place rose quartz over your heart. Set a timer for 11 minutes and just breathe, letting the crystal work its magic.

Lapis lazuli for professional success

We’re a hard-working generation, determined to fight for fair pay, equal opportunities, and recognition at work. In the early stages of your career, it can be difficult to achieve all of this, so that’s where manifestation can come in.

Lapis lazuli is considered a protection stone. It reduces stress and creates feelings of calmness and serenity. It also gives us the strength to take control of our lives, empowering us to achieve more, so it’s easy to see why you might want to use this stone to manifest professional success.

Keep a beautiful lapis lazuli stone on you when you’re at work to help you remain calm in stressful situations and give you the confidence to achieve more. Going for a job interview? Make sure you’ve got your crystal handy – according to Inbaal, this effective little stone can help you pass your interviews with flying colours.

Tiger’s eye for abundance

We could all use a little more wealth and abundance in our lives. The distinctly beautiful tiger’s eye stone is the one for you if you want to manifest this into your life, bringing you good luck and prosperity.

Like lapis lazuli, tiger’s eye is especially powerful when it comes to your professional life. It can help you achieve your biggest career goals which will, in turn, bring you wealth. It has powerful protection properties, ensuring your resources are safe and reflecting back any negative energy aimed at you.

When it comes to manifestations with your tiger’s eye, focus on the courage and strength it brings you and how they can help you achieve your goals. Repeat goals-focused mantras to get the most out of your precious tiger’s eye.

Black obsidian for a confidence boost

Most of us are plagued with negative thoughts at some point or another. We practise positive thinking and affirmations, but there’s nothing wrong with giving them a little boost. Inbaal says of black obsidian: “it’s a mystical stone that has the power to absorb negativity.” Sign us up!

To silence your inner critic and boost your feelings of self-love, you can carry out a ritual that involves tea lights, manifestation via journaling, and of course, your black obsidian, which you’ll hold at your root chakra – the base of your spine.

Inbaal continues: “With your negative self-talk silenced by this powerful crystal, and with it eliminating any kind of negative attention from others, your magic would be unstoppable.”

Clear quartz for a catch-all manifestation

Chances are, you won’t have only one goal in mind when manifesting. You may want to improve your bond with your loved ones while progressing your career, attracting wealth, or learning new skills. Get yourself clear quartz, which is “the best stone to stand in for any other stone”, according to Inbaal. 

She says this is because “it can lend its energy to attracting anything, and you can manifest multiple different results all at once with this all-encompassing top performer.” We love a multi-tasking queen.

Clear quartz improves our mental clarity, meaning we can focus more clearly on our intentions and goals. It’s a unique crystal that connects with all of our chakras, so it’s easy to see why it’s such a great all-rounder. It’s considered an amplifying crystal, meaning whatever you put into it, you’ll get back in abundance.

The grounding, healing properties of crystals are well-known. If you’re looking to use them to manifest your short and long-term goals, you can either use the stones you already have in your collection or expand it with clear quartz, black obsidian and rose quartz – depending on what you’re looking to achieve. So when you’re carrying out your self-care routine, relaxing in the bath, applying your self-tan drops, and practising mindfulness, add in an extra manifestation step to attract what you truly desire.