Makeup expert reveals why mixing Jojoba Oil with your Foundation makes the Perfect Makeup Base

We’re all loving the ‘Glazed Doughnut Skin’ and No-Makeup Makeup looks, but UK makeup artist Wayne Goss revealed in a Youtube video that has over 3.4 million views, how adding a drop of Jojoba Oil to your foundation “changes the texture of your foundation… the coverage is still beautiful but you can see real skin, it’s luminous.” Will this take Glazed Doughnut Skin to the next level?

We’ve asked Makeup Expert, and founder of OPV Beauty Opeyemi Adeyemo to explain how it works…

“Adding Jojoba oil to foundation can make the foundation look more radiant, undetectable and melt into the skin, whilst also giving you beautiful coverage.

We all know that any oil texture doesn’t really work underneath makeup, however adding Jojoba oil specifically to foundation is a match made in heaven. This is because Jojoba is not an oil; it’s a wax. The jojoba bean is similar to the protective wax produced by human skin, which means that jojoba oil can mimic the skin’s natural oils and can penetrate deep into the skin layers.

This also means this technique works on all skin types – yes even oily!”


“Adding oil only works with cream or liquid foundation, this method will not work with powder or mineral foundation.

If you’re using a liquid foundation, simply pump some onto the back of your hand and add a single drop of Jojoba oil and mix in together. For a stick or cream foundation, you can scoop some of the product onto the back of your hand or add a drop of Jojoba oil directly into the cream foundation pan.

Next apply it delicately in a gentle tapping motion with your brush, sponge, or fingers. You can apply as usual but you also want to be a bit delicate with it as the formula will be a bit sheerer, meaning any brush marks will show up if not applied/blended in properly.

After applying, sit back and enjoy the glow.”


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