How To Restore Your Post-holiday Skin

The Aging process & the Skin’s Ability to Heal

With age the skin loses its ability to heal from wounds and sun damage. ​ This is because with age, many cell types decrease in number and their functions slow down. This correlates with an increase in wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and sagging in the skin. ​

Many are aware of stem cells and their ability to build new cells, tissue, and to mediate functions of the skin – helps repair the skin.

​Stem cells can communicate to cells within the skin tissue by releasing specific molecules called cytokines and growth factors. ​ These cytokines and growth factors will bind to the surface (cell membranes) of specific cell types and stimulate new activity.

Younger skin has high quantities of stem cells and has great capacity to heal itself. However, with age the number of stem cells and their ability to release cytokines and growth factors decreases. This is particularly important when dealing with the increase sun exposure during the summer months, as older skin has reduced capacity to heal.

So, Is It Possible to Boost the Skin’s Renewal Capacity?

With the right technologies – Yes. ​ Advances in molecular biology and biotechnology allow scientist to capture the secretions from specific stem cells and use them in a variety of therapies. ​ When such secretions are included into a cosmeceutical formulation, they help to replenish aging skin with the cytokines and growth factors of a young skin.

CellResearchCorp, the parent company of Calecim, are global leaders in stem cell technology. They discovered and patented an isolation of epithelial and mesenchymal stem cells from the umbilical cord lining membrane of red deers. This is an ethical source of stem cells that is rich in ​ key proteins such as, cytokines and growth factors, such as soluble collagen, fibronectin, hyaluronic acid and more.

Calecim has developed this mix into a professional serum that is often used by dermatologists for stimulating new skin growth and post-laser skin rejuvenation. ​ However, for at home use, Calecim developed a range of home care products to boost the skin’s renewal capacity on a daily basis – ​ an ideal solution for sun-exposed and sun-aged skin.

Evidence of skin renewal & rejuvenation takes place when skin cells are exposed to the stem cell protein mix. It accelerates wound healing and bring the skin’s cell renewal cycles back towards 28 days.

A variety of clinical studies on Calecim’s protein mix have shown improvements in skin tone, skin density, and depth of wrinkles and an average improvement in skin thickness of 600% was also recorded in in-vitro study.

Not All Formulations are Made the Same!

When diving into cosmeceuticals with stem cell or growth factor technologies it is important to note that not all formulations are equal. ​

Many formulations will not preserve cytokines and growth factors in an optimal way, and therefore, can lose their effect overtime. Other formulations do not take into account the penetration of cytokines and growth factors in the skin, and therefore, develop formulations with limited ability to penetrate the skin.

Finding scientist developed and clinical-studied stem cell technologies will ensure potency and efficacy of the product.

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