A better menopause experience for women everywhere

ISSVIVA – a new online menopause community that aims to help to build a better menopause experience for women everywhere

Global women’s health company, Essity has announced the launch of Issviva, a brand new community hub that aims to support women going through the menopause.  

Issviva will help to build a better menopause experience for women everywhere. The hub aims to break barriers for women going through the menopause and empower them to thrive and not just survive during this transitional period in their lives. The platform will enable women to seek education, share advice and network with like-minded people.

It has been established that 41% of menopausal women feel lonely, invisible, irrelevant and dispensable, according to NHS research. These feelings can manifest into serious mental health issues, impacting confidence and self-worth. It could even lead to suicide.

Two thirds of women still see menopause as a taboo, according to the Gen-M Invisibility Report from 2020. As a result, there is an invisible generation of menopausal people suffering in silence, with symptoms that can be physically and mentally debilitating. Issviva aims to help women transition from surviving alone through the menopause, to thriving together.

Menopause Expert Dr Shahzadi Harper from The Harper Clinic, who is one of the founders of the Menopause Mandate and working with Issviva, says “I see so many women in my clinic every week whose lives are being seriously impacted by the menopause.  Some experience breakdowns in their relationships, some are facing debilitating health conditions and some are even leaving  their jobs because of symptoms of the menopause.” 

Dr Harper goes on: “It’s so important that we provide more education surrounding the menopause, not only to the women who might be experiencing it first-hand, but to men, children, teachers and even healthcare professionals.  There is a serious need for the menopause to be prioritised as a talking point and I’m thrilled to see people opening up the narrative. Half of the population will go through the menopause so it’s likely to have an impact on most of our lives, whether it happens to you directly or not.”

Issviva will provide:

  • A safe space where women can speak with each other
  • Educational blogs
  • Relevant information for women at different ages and life stage – perimenopausal, menopausal and post-menopausal
  • From August, scientifically backed products and solutions for women

The destination for all your menopause needs with scientifically assisted solutions

94% of women going through the menopause said they would benefit from society being more open to talking about the menopause, according to the Gen-M Invisibility Report 2020.

Menopause Mandate support

In June this year, with the support of MP Carolyn Harris, who chairs the All-Party Parliamentary Group and heads up The Menopause Mandate, parliament finally acknowledged the need for the workplace to become more ‘menopause-friendly’ by signing a new bill called The Menopause Workplace Pledge.    

The first activity of the newly launched Issviva hub was to provide support for the Menopause Mandate’s parliamentary campaign and the Issviva team joined the lobbying day at The House of Commons.

For more information, please visit the brand new Issviva website: https://www.issviva.com/

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