Tired, Itchy, Irritated Eyes?

 Introducing Peep Club, a treat, not just a treatment for dry eyes

 Imagine if words could cause physical damage, just by reading them. Sounds a bit far fetched. But when it comes to screens and our eyes, that theory is very real. 

Yes, you might have already heard about blue light sparking early signs of aging (being ten times thinner than the rest of the face, our eye area is first to flag screen-related damage), but we’re not here to talk about that. This is about our actual eyes – retinas and all – and the long-term damage that exposure to screens could be inflicting. 

“Dry Eyes has long-affected millions of women, especially those in peri-menopause and menopause as it’s linked to hormonal changes,” Nicola Alexander-Cross, optometrist and co founder of Peep Club tells us, “but it also now affects millions of younger women and men as a result of increased screen-use. We did our own research with 250 people, and it revealed that 80% were suffering from the condition, which only gets worse if left untreated.”

Now, we know what you’re thinking. Eye drops! But unfortunately the solution to your Dry Eyes may not be as simple as that. “Dry Eyes encompasses everything from mild irritation (itchiness, a tired and heavy feeling, or overly watery eyes) to severe and even sight threatening issues” says Nicola. Why are screens to blame? Simply put, “you blink 6-8x less when you look at a screen, so your eyes are literally becoming parched as you work all day long,” Nicola explains. A concerning thought. Especially when we consider that screen use has increased by 187% over these past three lockdowns. Eeek!

What are our options to prevent and treat Dry Eyes in the long run? Well, less scrolling of course (thank you, next!), heated eye masks, which – unless you have a pocket microwave to hand – are more arduous than ace. Oh, and this amazingly chic, high tech, infrared-powered, handbag-friendly massaging tool that Nicola and her friend, Natasha (aka the Peep Club team) have just launched…

Peep Club Heated Eye Wand (£60)

Designed to relieve dry, tired, irritated eyes by stimulating natural hydration, Peep Club’s Eye Wand is the desk-side device you really need to know about. How does it work? Unlike fiddly, heated eye masks, the Eye Wand warms up to 45oC in under a minute and retains that optimal temperature for as long as you need. The combination of heat and massage then works to gently stimulate and unblock the tiny glands responsible for hydrating your eyes. “It’s like a hot stone massage for the eyes,” says Natasha, co-founder and previous sufferer of screen-induced Dry Eyes. 

Even those who don’t suffer from Dry Eyes can get a look in on the Eye Wand’s benefits. Boosted with circulation-encouraging and lymphatic drainage functions, the device also helps to de-puff both under and upper eyelids. It also promotes youth-enhancing collagen and elastin production thanks to red light LED therapy. As Natasha puts it, the Eye Wand is “a treat, not just a treatment for Dry Eyes.”

But the Peep Club innovation doesn’t end there! For all-round eye care, the brand has also developed an industry-disrupting eye balm, plus reusable eye pads in ultra-gentle bamboo cotton.

Peep Club Soothing Coconut Eye Balm (£20 / 120ml)

Doubling up as an eye treatment and eye-makeup remover, Peep Club’s 100% organic Soothing Coconut Eye Balm is packed with antibacterial coconut, soothing chamomile and lauric acid to boost lash strength and shine. The star of the balm, however, has to be Cureberry. Lauded as a powerful antioxidant, this superhero ingredient helps shield the eye area from free radical damage such as (yep, you guessed it) blue light! 

Peep Club Reusable Velvet Bamboo Pads (£15 for 8 double sided pads)

Then of course, we have the Super Soft Bamboo Velvet Pads. Not only are the natural bamboo fibres great for lifting away residue, (just team with the Eye Balm for the gentlest eye-makeup removal imaginable), but thanks to their hypoallergenic and eco-friendly credentials, these pads are kinder to both our eyes and the planet. 

Peep Club All-You-Need Dry Eye Kit (£85)

Teamed together for Peep Club’s All You Need eye kit, the trio of wand, balm and pads work together to leave eyes feeling comfortable and refreshed.“We found a way to not only make Dry Eye treatment more effective (our heated Eye Wand cuts traditional treatment time in half), but also more enjoyable,” says the Peep Club duo.

Turns out reading these words wasn’t so damaging after all!

Available from Peepclub.com 


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