Scented Sculptures from SUN.DAY of London

Following the success of the Body Oil Massage candle, SUN.DAY of London has partnered with fine artist Ikuko for a second time. The conscious home fragrance brand has launched a collection of luxury, hanging scented sculptures. These unique objects have been carefully handcrafted by Ikuko to act as a vessel for SUN.DAY’s aromatherapeutic fragrances, as well as a bespoke piece of art for the home. 

SUN.DAY of London has reformulated each of their scents into a more potent form, to ensure the botanical blends effectively diffuse throughout the day. The hanging scented sculptures are available in each fragrance within the collection. Each object can be refilled once the scent has reached the end of its olfactory journey. 

“Scent scaping or fragrance zoning became increasingly popular during the pandemic when our lives merged into one. Differentiating between work and play became more necessary than ever.  At SUN.DAY of London, our 100% natural fragrance blends are designed to bring a sense of balance and harmony into your home. Each product harnesses the healing power of plants to provide calmness and comfort to today’s somewhat chaotic lifestyles. There’s something for every mood and moment, especially when it comes to choosing specific scents for your home:– The stronger blends of Beyond the Pines and Mememto Mori are perfect for spaces that need constant freshening up, such as the bathroom.  The invigorating notes of  fir needle, eucalyptus and pine needle help to cleanse, purify and invigorate.– The soothing flow of Riad or Céleste will create a calming environment in the lounge. Warming notes of cedarwood and rose help you to switch off and relax. – Midnight (somewhere) and Nocturne are perfectly suited for the bedroom thanks to the addition of lavender, Palo Santo and Juniper Tar; all of which provide grounding and balancing properties thus creating the perfect ambience before you slumber.– Our all-rounder fragrance – Rooftop Garden – can be placed just about anywhere. Bergamot is renowned for its uplifting properties, bringing joy. This citrus essential oil is also thought to alleviate stress and promote a restful sleep.” Natasha Garbawi, Founder of SUN.DAY of London
The Limited Edition sculptures are individually numbered and available in a white porcelain (RRP £33) or a playful, hand painted design (RRP £37.) Stocked exclusively at

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