Quiet quitting…

A high-pressure work environment, unrealistic expectations and lack of recognition are just some of the causes of ‘quiet quitting’ – a trend that exploded on TikTok 

and swept the globe in recent weeks, in which employees quit the idea of doing endless hours of extra work and say ‘no’ to going beyond their job requirements. 

Although the goal of quiet quitting is to take back control of your professional life and undoubtedly your mental health, there are also things you can do to manage your work-life balance before you get to that tipping point. 

Rescue®, the UK’s number one emotional wellbeing brand, has some top tips for setting healthy boundaries around work and keeping calm even when the pressure is on. 

1. Energy management – Assess when you are most productive, are you a morning or afternoon person? And then assess what the first task you undertake is when getting into the office in the morning. Make sure you are tackling big tasks when you’re most productive and your energy levels are at their highest, and the less important tasks such as checking emails when your energy levels are lower.

2.  Separate life from work – Making your living room your permanent office can lead to more stress. Carve out a dedicated workspace that is separate from where you sleep or relax. When you have finished working each day, detach and transition to home life by changing your outfit, taking a drive or walk, or doing an activity with your kids.

3. Take Regular breaks – Don’t continue with something if it is driving you crazy, leave it for half an hour and come back to it later with a fresh perspective. Take a break and calm down with a walk, flick through an inspirational magazine or get a glass of water or herbal tea. 

4. Practice saying ‘no’ – Identify what is important to you and acknowledge what is not. If you are someone that finds it hard to push back on requests and say ‘no’, try choosing some easy, low-risk scenarios where you can build up your ‘no’ muscle. For example, when someone tries to sell you something on the street. 

5. Unplug on holiday – Annual leave is there for a reason – it is designed to give us space to regroup and refresh away from work, so make sure to take it at regular intervals.Craft an effective “out of office” message and establish a new contact for your company to communicate with during your absence. Disable work-related notifications. If you absolutely still have to be in touch with the office, offer very specific (and limited) “office hours” – an hour in the morning where you can answer questions or pop onto meetings.

If you are feeling the consequences of a hectic lifestyle, take a minute with RESCUE®. It is a specially blended combination of five Bach™ Original Flower Essences. Keep on top of your day with RESCUE Remedy® by your side. It can be used anytime, anywhere and is suitable for all the family.

For all enquiries please contact RESCUE® PR Manager Elena Smith:ElenaSmith@nelsons.net  

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