Keep your kids bath toys squeaky clean…

Munchkin, in collaboration with early years expert Sophie Pickles, reveals the best ways to keep your bath toys clean. From putting your dishwasher to work, to using your crafting skills to avoid any mould worries, Sophie explains the quickest and most effective methods…

Having to clean your little ones’ bath toys isn’t likely to be at the top of your cleaning list, and is one of the jobs most parents forget about.

Bath toys play a huge part in a child’s learning and creative journey, helping them be imaginative, relieve stress and enjoy some fun play time. As some of the most used toys in your household, it’s important to clean them just as often as your child’s other toys.

Cleaning bath toys isn’t fun, but if done properly, it can be a quick and easy process. Sophie Pickles, Munchkin’s official parenting expert, has created some helpful cleaning tips to get your bath toys spick and span in minutes:

Deep clean by giving them a bath

Most bath toys will do just fine if you just rinse them off with fresh water at the end of bath time, however, it’s important to do a deep clean and a thorough bath toy check every couple of months in order to keep your toys squeaky clean.

By far the easiest way to clean your bath toys is to fill the bath an inch or two deep, throw in a couple of sterilising tablets and let the toys soak for around an hour. No need for hot water or to rinse them off afterwards, just let them dry thoroughly once you’ve taken them out and they’re good to go.

Utilise your dishwasher

For a really labour-free way of washing, you can pop toys on the top shelf of the dishwasher on a quick cycle. However I would only do this when you’re really pressed for time as it can wear down the colours if done too often.

Keep your toys dry

The key to keeping mould at bay is to keep the toys as dry as possible (easier said than done with bath toys). 

The way you store them can have the biggest impact on how much mould develops so look for baskets/nets made out of mesh as this helps the toys to dry quicker. Munchkin’s High n Dry Organiser was made with mould reduction in mind and is really good for keeping toys both dry and organised so they’re up and out of the way. 

No soaking

Don’t leave toys soaking in the bath after your little one is done bathing. Whilst it can be easy to forget about, this is the quickest way to ensure they get full of mould. 

Products like Munchkin’s Super Scoop lets you quickly and easily grab the toys so you don’t spend all your time fishing letters and numbers out of the bath while your little one gets cold.

Encourage tidying

Make tidying bath toys away into a fun chore to do before getting out of the bath. In the same way you may get your little one to tidy toys away when they are finished playing with them, before getting out of the bath, why not rinse and put them away together.

Get crafty

To stop any water getting into your little ones’ bath toys, use super strong glue to close off any holes in the material. By closing the hole, you’re ensuring that no water can enter and cause the black-mould like substance to grow.