How to maximise space in your home office

Home office spaces can often feel dark and cramped, leaving a demotivating workspace. By utilising thoughtful strategies to maximise space, you can make your office feel much bigger and brighter. Your workspace doesn’t have to feel like a work space. Here’s how to make it happen.

Have a clear out

Sometimes, the simplest solution is the best one. Keeping your office space free of clutter and having regular clear outs will save plenty of space.

Storage, storage, storage

To avoid a cluttered, disorganised office, everything needs its own place. Try to optimise office storage wherever you can to keep your space presentable and, above all, organised. Keep only the bare essentials in plain sight, and everything else neatly filed away.

Soften hard floors with rugs

Area rugs are usually used to soften hard flooring (such as wood or laminate), area rugs and runners can be used on high-traffic areas, like hallways and entrances to reduce footstep echo and prevent sound from seeping into other units. This rug from Runrug is the perfect accessory for any room.

Adaptability is key

Some days may call for focused individual work, whilst others might be full of creativity and collaboration. Having a desk and seating that can be rearranged to suit varying needs will give you more freedom to experiment with work styles, like this armchair from Where Saints Go.

Keep cables out of sight

It’s often the small nuisances that can affect you the most. Having tangled cables all over the office not only poses a safety hazard, but also looks messy and make your office feel more cluttered. By keeping only the essential cables and organising them so they are less visible, you’ll be making much better use of your office space. 

Make use of key features

Feature such as fireplaces and large windows can make all the difference to a rooms character. Dress windows with tasteful curtains and decorate fireplaces with the right accessories like these from Olivias.

Use your walls

Don’t forget about your wall space! There are lots of options for wall mounted storage, but you can also utilise this space with whiteboards, mood boards, or any other board that takes your fancy. Be mindful of the materials you use – glass panes and mirrors will help to make a space feel bigger, but materials like tapestries or heavy curtains might make your office feel suffocating.


We know, you’re not trying to make your office any smaller. But, a way to make the room feel bigger is to downsize the furnishings inside it. Although big, grand desks may look impressive, they’re often clunky and impractical, unless you have acres of office space. A small, simple desk that can have a chair neatly tucked under is ideal, leaving plenty of space to walk around.

Redecorate and accessorise

Rethink your office colour scheme to completely transform your space. If your office feels small, then a light colour scheme will open it up. Just because you don’t have much space, doesn’t mean you can’t decorate. Hanging plants are a great way to add a touch of greenery to your office without taking up much room. Make sure to prioritise what you actually need in the office, but don’t be afraid to add embellishments such as candles and vases with pampas to make your office space look and feel that much better.

Use bright lights

Good office lighting can completely transform a space and the way you use it. Natural lighting is always ideal – plus it’s been linked to enhancing staff wellness – so utilise that as much as possible. It’s also helpful to brighten up dark corners to make your office feel bigger and to highlight more space that may be going unused. Save floor and desk space by keeping your lights in the ceiling rather than splashing out on lamps.

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