Haier introduces te Cube 90 Series 7

Haier, the No.1 Global Major Appliance Brand, presents Cube 90 Series 7, where the best of Haier’s revolutionary Fresher Techs® meet with elegant design, ensuring the best preservation of all your groceries.

It is 90 cm in width and 180 cm in height, a perfect combination of technological innovation and formal elegance, which eases your daily life and enhances any environment. The Cube 90 Series 7 features a drinks and ice dispenser.

Thanks to the most revolutionary Fresher Techs®, technology and innovation is at the heart of the Cube 90 Series 7, offering you cutting-edge solutions tailored to all your needs. The exclusive ABT® Pro technology, also removes up to 99.99%*of bacteria both in the refrigerator and in the freezer, making sure food is always stored in the best way and very safely.

And with Absolute Ice, available in the ice & water dispenser model, you can discover a completely innovative icemaker module. Thanks to its independent cooling system, separated from the refrigerator and freezer, the Cube 90 Series 7 provides pure, crystalline, odourless ice, which is free from any cross-contamination with any of the other compartments of the fridge.

When it comes to food storage, the Cube 90 Series 7 has many unique advanced technologies to ensure you can safely store your food, preserve flavours and nutrients perfectly and maintain your foods freshness for longer.

The special Humidity Zone drawer keeps fresh fruit and vegetables twice as long, thanks to the Humidity Control System technology, by keeping the internal humidity stable at 90%. And with MyZone you can adjust the drawer’s temperature according to your daily storage needs, with a simple touch of a button that is easy and quick.

Refrigerator or freezer? The choice is yours, according to lifestyle. Thanks to the Switch Zone you can switch from -18°C to +5°C with ease and simplicity, just with another simple touch. You will be able to manage the space in the most flexible way, adapting it perfectly to all the different needs while storing your groceries.

Haier refrigerators have many superior design features and stand out for their elegance in any kitchen. Cube 90 Series 7 has an innovative digital Touch Display which allows you to control the temperature and the refrigerator’s features from the outside. This avoids the need to keep opening the refrigerator and not have to alter the temperature. The anti-fingerprint finish of the Cube 90 Series 7 adds to the premium look.

The innovative cantilevered shelves are also supported by a system of slots in the back column of the fridge and may be adjusted in height to fit your storage needs.

And if that wasn’t enough, theCube 90 Series 7 is embellished with elegant light blue lights on the door, and with refined illuminated serigraphy on the icemaker module**.

Availability: Ao.com

ASP from £2,799

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