7 Myths About Boobs Debunked By Experts

There are an endless amount of boob myths floating about, with some so believable and everybody’s boobs being different, it can be really hard to know what’s true or not when it comes to breast health.  

Lingerie experts, Lounge Underwear have done some much-needed research and fact-checking with Dr Hana Patel, Mental Health Coach and GP, to put an end to 7 of the most misleading boob myths out there.

  1. Massaging your boobs make them grow: FALSE “This is a myth. Hormones, our age, and weight affect breast tissue growth”  
  1. Certain workouts can increase your bra size: FALSE “No, our chest wall under our breasts can respond to particular exercises, but this does not make our breast tissue change in size.” 
  1. Your bra size stays the same throughout life: FALSE “This is false. It changes as we age, after children, and other factors such as medication, breast feeding, and weight gain all affect this. 
  1. Bras can give you breast cancer: FALSE “There is no evidence of this, and current research does not support this.” 
  1. Eating soy will increase your breast size: FALSE “There is no evidence of this, and current research does not support this” 
  1. Breastfeeding causes your boobs to sag: FALSE “There is no evidence of this, and current research does not support this. It is more likely that pregnancy makes our boobs sag, as when we breast feed, the breast ligaments strength to support the increased weight of the breasts during breast feeding” 
  1. Both your boobs are supposed to be the same size: FALSE “Our bodies are not symmetrical all over, and it is normal to have asymmetry of breast, and most people do.” 
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