5 top tips for (Emily in) Parisian-inspired-interiors

With our favourite bingeable Netflix show, Emily in Paris, returning for it’s third series, we can once again immerse ourselves in the beauty of iconic Parisian architecture, eclectic fashion and enviable interiors. Whether you love or loathe the storyline around her wild love life, if you hold an appreciation for all things Parisian, the returning series provides some serious style inspiration.

The exploits of Lily Cooper and the rest of the cast might seem a little extravagant, but their sophisticated interior styles are more than achievable for all of us. Below, 5 interior experts have offered their top tips on how to bring iconic, modern-Parisian style into your home in 2023…

Tip 1: Keep it neutral

Whilst Emily’s fashion choices may be bright and bold, the interior colour choices in the show are less so, with most of the spaces incorporating muted shades of white, beige and blue. The use of subtle prints and patterns can add character, whether that’s on a living room drape or cosy bedding.

Lucy Ackroyd, Head of Design at Christy says: “Add a touch of oh là là into your bedroom by keeping the style classy and sophisticated in typical French fashion. Like Emily, choose a neutral or light colour palette using creams, whites and blush pinks with subtle prints in your duvet design.

If you have a striking backdrop, such as the iconic straw-fan headboard featured in the Netflix series, you don’t want to go over the top with accessories. Instead, a simple lightweight throw at the end of the bed and no more than two cushions resting against the pillows should do the trick.

Image: Christy

“If you’re dreaming of cosy Parisian evenings and lazy Sunday mornings, keep your sheets crisp and clean for an instant feeling of luxury. Opt for pure cotton, high thread count linen which will help regulate temperature and moisture levels. Plus, they will feel much smoother against the skin than synthetic offerings.”

Tip 2: Add texture to the room

Whilst fans went wild for Emily’s aforementioned woven fan headboard in the first series, it would take some serious DIY skills to recreate. You can get the same effect by adding a textured top to your bed. 

Image Source: Time4Sleep

Jonathan Warren, spokesperson at bed specialist Time4Sleep suggests: “Opt for a wooden bed frame with a rattan headboard to create a timeless, elegant look, whilst giving a nod to stylish, contemporary design.”

The soft curved edges of the headboard will help achieve an element of luxury, whilst the white exterior maintains a level of versatility, adding brightness to the room. To give the room a breath of playfulness, add some bold and patterned soft furnishings. This will work to add some depth to the room and complete the modern, classic finish.”

Tip 3: Play around with voile 

Whilst Emily may no longer be working in the Savoir office – you can still get the look by opting for light, airy drapes to keep your space soft and comfortable.

Amy Wilson, interior designer for 247 Blinds and 247 Curtains  says: “The Parisians seem to be big fans of dramatic floor-to-ceiling window dressings. With their iconic tall French windows it looks great, but can also work on a smaller opening. It adds elegance and charm to any room, whilst creating a cosy and stylish space.”

Image: Pinterest

“The modern approach is to go lighter with your window dressings – think bright and breezy with a patterned voile or light cotton, like in Sylvie’s office. Or if you prefer the more traditional, dramatic style, seen in some of the restaurant scenes, opt for fuller drapes in a thicker fabric like velvet or chenille in gorgeous deep shades of red or purple.”

Tip 4: Plenty of panelling

A major feature in the Savoir and Pierre Cadout offices (as well as in most of the locations for the show) is the modern-take on traditional French panelling. 

Maryanne Cartwright, Head of Design at luxury wallpaper and paint brand, Graham and Brown says: “You can’t get much more Parisian than panelled walls, or ‘boiserie’, being a feature of the majority of the city’s apartments!”

“Reaching into the luxurious realm of chateau style, panelling has been around for centuries, making it a timeless – and effortlessly chic – interior trend. Adorning your walls with panelling is an incredibly effective way to add visual interest to your room, especially when keeping to a neutral colour palette.”

“While this form of moulding is uncommon in most British homes, getting the look is easier than you might think! Opt for a panelled wallpaper mural to add instant grandeur to your room. This trompe l’oeil design is perfect for embodying the subtle yet dramatic look, which is quintessential to Parisian design.”

Tip 5: Be bold with brass

Parisian interiors seem to be littered with brass – from doorknobs to decorations it’s a great way to add accents to your interiors.

Paul McFadyen, metals specialist and Chief Executive at metals4U says: “Adding metal accents can really add style to the look of a home.”

Brass is a really popular metal at the minute, it’s inexpensive, timeless and great for incorporating a warm, golden finish. Brass looks fabulous across all rooms in the house and plays really well with other colours.

“Alternatively, aluminium will give you a brilliant silver shine or, if a darker metallic is more to your taste, then copper could be a great choice. Just ensure you use correct metal polish for maintenance and upkeep, this will keep the material clean and vibrant over time.”