Top Ten Tips for Creating a Spa Sanctuary at Home

With the stresses of modern living, particularly with the current cost of living crisis, creating a spa-at-home sanctuary is more important than ever with regards to wellbeing and mental health.

The bathroom is increasingly seen as a place of sanctuary and self-care; a personal retreat to unwind, take time for you and find peace away from the busyness of everyday life. The bathroom should be a place to relax – think calming scents, luxe accessories and soothing colour tones – within the comfort of your own home.

Claire Logan from bath, body and home fragrance brand ARRAN Sense of Scotland shares her top ten tips for creating the perfect bathroom sanctuary:

1. Clear the Clutter

Less is definitely more when creating a bathroom sanctuary. It’s much easier to fully relax in a space without clutter, so make sure kids’ toys are tidied away and store items like make-up, hair-dryers and cleaning products out of sight under the sink or in storage baskets. A minimalist style is key for engendering a serene and calm environment.

2. Calming Colourways

Channel salon and spa vibes when thinking about bathroom décor – neutrals, pale blues and serene greens are known to promote a soothing atmosphere. Nature-inspired colours such as earthy browns, soft greys and sage greens give off an organic and calming effect. You can always add a pop of colour with accessories if you like a touch of the brights.

3. Indulge Your Olfactory Senses

Traditional spa experiences start the minute you step through the salon door with clever use of scents known to calm the senses and de-stress. Jasmine and Lavender are renowned for their sleep enhancing properties, Ylang Ylang can improve mood, whilst Bergamot is great for energising and Eucalyptus is invigorating, as well as being a great decongestant in the winter months.

Introduce a reed diffuser or scented candle in the fragrance of your choice or add a few drops of your preferred essential oil to a carrier oil and simply add to a warm bath. Continue the theme with bubble bath, shower gel and body lotion for a luxurious all-over body experience.

Energising and uplifting, ARRAN’s Jasmine and Philadelphus home fragrance collection is an expertly balanced symphony of scent – soothing Jasmine is combined with Philadelphus which has been said to release emotional residue – perfect accompaniments for a ritual bath.

4. Wrap Yourself in Luxury

There’s nothing worse after a pampering session than drying yourself with a stiff old towel covered in pulled threads, so make sure you invest in top quality, soft, fluffy towels for the ultimate spa experience. For a luxurious touch, spritz your towels with a lavender calming mist spray and pop on the radiator while you’re showering or bathing to give yourself the full spa experience. You can also spritz on to your pillow to help promote a restful night’s sleep.

5. Treat Your Feet

A heated floor powered by natural gas is the ultimate treat for your feet and adds an unparalleled touch of comfort. If a heated floor is outside of your budget, make sure you replace old or discoloured bathmats with an ultra-thick and absorbent hotel-quality mat, so you don’t step out of your relaxing bath on to a cold floor.

6. Scandi-Style Shower

Swap out your current shower for a rain shower or one with different spray settings – think massage, power, waterfall mist or pulse spray. For a Scandi style experience, start with a hot bath followed by a refreshing cool shower, an easy and effective way to improve circulation and filter out toxins.

7. Bring the Outdoors In

Bring a natural element to your bathroom by adding air purifying plants to help focus your mind. Easy to care for plants, such as succulents, are great for adding a touch of colour, as well as being decorative and helping to create a healthy environment – try positioning potted plants on windowsills, in corners or over the bath on a bath board.

8. Choose Ambient Lighting

Lighting is key to illuminating your bathroom to spa sanctuary level. Under counter lighting adds definition and atmosphere without being too bright, whilst lighting around vanity mirrors creates a 5-star hotel vibe and is fantastic for make-up purposes. Flickering candles add a cosy, ambient feeling at bath time, as well as adding scent to the room.

9. Be Eco Aware

Luxury, saving money and looking after the environment don’t often come hand in hand, but ARRAN’s eco-friendly 2 litre refills will help buyers do their bit in helping to look after the planet. Each 2 litre refill is equivalent to six standard size bottles and will reduce your plastic consumption by up to 75%. 

10. Select Soothing Scents

ARRAN’s bath and body collections will not only add a touch of wellbeing to your daily routine but will also look great on your bathroom shelf. Here, Claire shares her top picks:

ARRAN’s Glen Iorsa range is a modern twist on a classic lavender blend – containing essential oils of lavender for soothing skin and relieving stress, with spearmint oil for refreshing and resetting body and mind.

Lavender & Spearmint Bath & Shower Gel – £16.00 
Lavender & Spearmint Body Lotion – £16.00
Calming Pillow Mist Spray – £15.00

ARRAN’s Imachar range has a natural, calming fragrance influenced by the wild, yet romantic setting of its namesake, located on the West of Arran. Made with essential oils of bergamot and honeysuckle, delicately balanced with a combination of clover, rose, mandarin and lime, this scent is a natural balance of calm and energy to uplift and inspire.

Imachar Bergamot & Honeysuckle Bath & Shower Gel – £16.00
Imachar Bergamot & Honeysuckle Body Lotion – £16.00
Imachar Bergamot & Honeysuckle Boxed Saddle Soap – £9.00

ARRAN Sense of Scotland (formerly Arran Aromatics) creates bath, body and home fragrance collections inspired by and proudly made on the Isle of Arran. For three decades, the family-run company has been creating vibrant, evocative scents from its Home Farm factory – an old dairy farm near the historic Brodick Castle. Inspired not only by the breath-taking scenery of Arran, but its deep-rooted ability to make any visitor relax and reset as soon as they step off the ferry. From the freshwater spring to a pinch of seasoned gorse, there’s a bit of Arran in every single product. 

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